Christmas Tree and Wreath Zoom Class!

Fill out the form and select your color combo choices, then purchase class.

Zoom class is November 30th at 7pm Mountain Time.


Includes 1 hour zoom class AND supplies!

The only items you need that is not included, is a Star topper for the tree (if desired) and Bow for the wreath (if desired). You can purchase those at any party or craft store.

Choose your Color Combination

A kit with all the supplies you need for your class will be shipped to you.

(excluding pump, star and bow)

Tree is 6 feet

Wreath is 18 inch


I recommend you participate in the class and then make in your free time.

Do not panic if you don't get your kit by class date! You can make it anytime!

Reserve your spot here!


Christmas Tree and Wreath Zoom class $100


You will be invited via text message and email to the zoom class. So you can use whichever device is easiest for you.

See you at 7pm

Mountain Time

November 30th!

You do not have to have a PayPal account to purchase class. Just select 'pay with debit/credit' at PayPal login section.

Boise, ID, USA