Q- How much do your balloon garlands cost?

A- See listings in the garland section for prices. My prices start at $9 a foot. Select Small, Medium or Large and customize length and colors. OR hire a balloon stylist starting at $200 to create a custom installation for you.

Q- Can you hang my balloon garland for me?

A- All quick order garlands are for pick up only. If you want your balloon garland installed, we just ask for a minimum $200 order through the hire a balloon stylist section.

Q- How do I hang my own garland? What tools do I need?

A- At pick up you will be given some tools for hanging as well as a demonstration at pick up. You will need nails, tacks or command hooks for whatever suits your hanging needs best.

Q- Can I get a custom listing?

A- Fill out the form under "Hire a Stylist" section to start creating your custom balloon garland. After some back and forth chit chat, your invoice with all the details will be emailed to you.

Q- Where is a phone number to reach you at?

A- When you fill out the contact form or request a quote I can call you or exchange numbers after initial contact.

Q- How do I buy or rent your fringe?

A- All fringe rental and purchase is custom at this time. Please fill out the contact form for a quote.

Q- Can I add Jumbo mylar balloons to my order?

A- Please contact me before you order for custom items and ideas.

Q- What balloon colors do you have available?

A- Balloon colors are shown in each garland listing.

Q- How long will my balloons last?

A- You can rely on your balloons lasting a few weeks to a month with some shrinkage if left indoors at room temperature. If hang outdoors, it depends on the weather and other factors. Sometimes a week, sometimes a few hours.

Q- How long in advance should I order my balloon garland?

A-  I recommend sooner than later, to get the date and time you need. 2+ weeks prior is my preferred time line, so I can ensure we have everything you want for your party.

Q- Do you deliver outside of Boise?

A- Yes. Boise, Nampa, Meridian, Kuna, Eagle or Star 

Q- Can I pay using my debit or credit card? Your website seems to use PayPal only.

A- All of my orders are processed through PayPal, but you can use any credit or debit card to make your purchase. Continue with PayPal payment and there will be a debit/credit payment option. PayPal is a secure and dependable way of payment for my customers and for myself.


Q- Do you do special reduced pricing or discounts?

A- I will do discounted prices for non profit events only. All other vendors at event must also be participating at reduced non profit prices as well. 

Boise, ID, USA