Q- How much do your balloon garlands cost?

A- See listings in the garland section for prices. My prices start at $9 a foot. Extra costs for arrangements with balloons over 12 inches.

Q- Can you hang my balloon garland for me?

A- If you schedule a delivery, hanging will be included.

Q- How do I hang my own garland? What tools do I need?

A- You'll want some string, twine or fishing line handy. If you don't have anything to secure your garland to, I recommend command strips. Connect string to garland and then attach to hook.

Q- Can I get a custom listing?

A- Custom listings are for items that are not already in the shop or for orders over $100. Take a peek in my garland shop before you request a custom listing. I am happy to fill any special requests or creative ideas you send my way!

Q- How do I buy or rent your fringe?

A- All fringe rental and purchase is custom at this time. Please fill out the contact form for a quote.

Q- I don't want a garland. How would I order a larger custom installation?

A- Click on 'Event Installations' tab and fill out the 'Get a Quote' section.

Q- Can I add Jumbo mylar balloons to my order?

A- See the Mylar section to add onto your order.

Q- What balloon colors do you have available?

A- Balloon colors are shown in each garland listing.

Q- How long will my balloons last?

A- You can rely on your balloons lasting a few weeks to a month with little shrinkage.

Q- How long in advance should I order my balloon garland?

A- Dates and times are filling up quickly. But you can always have your garland delivered multiple days before your event. If your event is at a different destination than at home and you would have difficulties traveling with your balloon garland, I recommend sooner than later, to get the date and time you need.

Q- How do I schedule my delivery?

A- Use the 'schedule delivery' tab in the menu.

Q- Do you deliver outside of Boise?

A- Yes. Nampa, Meridian, Kuna, Eagle or Star require a delivery upgrade. Charge will be available when you schedule your delivery date and time.

Q- Can I pay using my debit or credit card? Your website seems to use PayPal only.

A- All of my orders are processed through PayPal, but you can use any credit or debit card to make your purchase. Continue with PayPal payment and there will be a debit/credit payment option. PayPal is a secure and dependable way of payment for my customers and for myself.

Q- How do I hire you to add foliage, flowers or greenery to my order?

A- I am not currently selling greenery. But if you purchase foliage of any kind, I would be happy to place them in the balloons for you at set up.


Q- Do you do special reduced pricing or discounts?

A- I will do discounted prices for non profit events only. All other vendors at event must also be participating at reduced non profit prices as well. 

Boise, ID, USA