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In this class, you will learn all the tips and tricks I've learned over the past 4 years on how to create your own balloon installations like a professional! We will go over the very basics on how to inflate and tie your balloons properly and with ease.

We will create a balloon garland installation and a balloon wall. You will learn how to install and add fun items to your balloons with confidence using my easy tricks. And any other fun creations that are requested during the course of the class.

Classes are at our studio location 605 S Vista Ave Boise. This is not a remote class.

Take the Buisness class option if you would like to learn all of the above plus my supplies list, my balloon count formula, a Q&A with an business accountant to tell you everything you need to start your own small buisness. As well as a 30 minute ask me any questions you would like to know! Nothing is off limits!

Please email us at to schedule a private one on one zoom class.

Please select the class, date and time that you would like to join our class! We can't wait to share everything with you so you can make your own beautiful balloon creations!



Balloon Installation Class!

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