This 6 foot quick order pick up garland includes 9, 11 and 16  inch balloons with 5 inch accent balloons for the best variety. Select your desired custom balloon colors from the selection in the last image. Up to 6 colors only. If you do not wish to use all 6 color choices, please select none in the drop down options when you are finished selecting your desired colors. Not all colors are available in all sizes. We will do the best to provide the most balloon size variety.


This garland is for pickup only. SEE STORE HOURS! Your garland will be ready for pick up when we open on the day you requested pick up. Garlands are air filled and do not have any helium.


 This 6 foot garland fits in most vehicle back seats  At pick up you will also get hanging tools and instructions. Hanging your garland is very easy and only takes a few minutes. 


6 foot Pick up Garland (Custom colors)